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Expert Matte Foundation

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30 ml

Mattifying primer formulated for oily and combination skin.  

Unique, anhydrous base of powdery, velvety finish and a strong result, mating. It makes the skin is delicate and velvety to the touch. It does not require additional use of powder. It provides long-lasting, uniform color. Not emphasizes pores, do not over-dry skin, perfectly blends with her. Hyaluronic acid, microsponges matting, natural minerals, vitamin E, zinc oxide and titanium.


  • Vitamin E - being an effective antioxidant, it prolongs young skin appearance
  • Hyaluronic acid– provides the optimum level of skin moisturizing, which is very important for oily and mixed skin - usually highly dried because of wrong care
  • Mattifying micro-sponges – gently absorb the excess of sebum
  • Titanium oxide – a natural mineral which provides an effective protection against UVA and UVB radiation

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